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boost hotel operations 

use inncharge solution
to manage your hotel productivity  

operational excellence 

inncharge manages your booking flow optimizing the offers & services, the solution improves the customer experience and satisfaction through personalized communication and digital payment.


Our solution enables you to achieve operational excellence increasing your productivity.

reservation flow

Create proposals on multiple room types with  optimal pricing. Dynamically manage adult and child packages, include services and extras from the hotel or your partners

step up
customer experience

Automate the guest journey  communication to increase client satisfaction and loyal guest recognition. Generate new revenue with targeted sales & marketing actions

cloud  solution 

Use state-of-the-art cloud technology, seamlessly integrating the inncharge solution into your IT  systems (pms, website) in a secure, simple and reliable way.

digital payment

Manage all digital payments in a secure way, use anti-fraud and 3d secure functions for transactions from front office or the web  booking optimizing bank commission fees according to the origin and currency of the customer.

Eliminate repetitive and unproductive tasks

The hotel industry is working with increasingly tighter margins, and more aggressive competition is trying to get the better of us. That's why it's important to make the most of resources.

Inncharge eliminates repetitive or unproductive tasks, automates the management of reservation flows in your website or in the hotel, manages all digital payments in a secure way optimizing banking costs, increases loyal customers with targeted marketing actions and control operational processes with business intelligence reporting. 

inncharge  key figures


Years of Experience


monthly payments 
per hotel


monthly reservations
per hotel 


monthly cost savings
per hotel 


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Are You Ready to Optimize Your hotel operations ?

Set up a new booking experience  


Send your prospect different options for several dates, several room types or even several hotels and propose complementary services and products from your partners.


The customer selects and composes his preferred proposal, confirms online and  guarantee it with a digital payment.  


Email the personalized confirmation and manage the options on the due date, generate the payment links according to a planned calendar.

In case of cancellation the system can refund the reservation payment  according to rate policies of your pms. 

Prior to arrival based on customer preferences, inncharge send travel information and purchased service to the customer or the booker. 


During the stay, hotel information, concierge offers and events are communicated to the guest.  

The guest can pay online for some or all billed products and services for fast check out process


Take advantage of the inncharge automation to have time to meet the client and to collect more informations to enhance his guest profile.

Gather more information by sending a personal satisfaction questionnaire or other targeted marketing actions. 


Control automation
& manual operations 


Automatically verify guest informations, receive alerts on missing fields or key figures, and consolidate data by merging duplicate records or records from the same company.


Control all reservations in real time via dashboards and  display alerts by reservation & payment status or according to the sent and received documentation


Check daily in real time the invoicing and payments entered in the front office and the revenue in the bank account  for each transaction


Detect credit card fraud, monitor customer creditworthiness, and optimize transaction fees based on the  customer geographic origin and currency. 


Synchronize information by transaction code and payment method between the hotel system (PMS) and your accounting system


Check budget performance for historical and future occupancy and revenue at any time. Let our artificial intelligence tool segment and tag customers by  purchase behavior and help to create dynamic proposals by market segment.

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