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inncharge modules
arm marketing payment  


The guestinn module allows a 360° view of the client/companies and agencies. Send booking confirmations and invoices for each stay and keep track of all interactions regardless of the communication channel. Analyze collected data and use automated segmentation for loyalty and future marketing actions.


The salesinn module permits to manage contacts and companies or travel agencies with  head quarter and affiliate company hierarchy. You can track the performance for each sales contract for room nights, allotment materialization and revenues.  
The automated segmentation and rating  determine future commercial actions,  but also new benefits or restrictions during annual sales negotiations. 

marketinn automation

The marketinn module allows you to manage marketing campaigns towards B2B and B2C customers but also all scheduled customer communication (arrival, departure, survey...) whatever the customer's preferred channel.  Guest interactions are saved to build a history in the customer file but also to build targeting axes for future campaigns. 

bookinn assist 

The assistant allows you to create a reservation by proposing several alternatives by type of room and by rate or by integrating additional services (e.g. f&b, spa, ski rental etc.)...  It allows you to manage invoices, payments (via digital payment module or via the pms) and to make a deposit schedule according to the customer profile and rate.

web bookinn

The web booking engine on the hotel's website allows for a personalized customer experience integrating all services to differentiate between adults and children.  The module also recognizes the customer to offer a personalized path according to his preferences to optimize the conversion rate. 

digital payinn

Our centralized full digital payment solution optimizes bank commissions and reduce fraud by centralizing all  - front - pos - spa, pro shop etc. payment requests, allowing the constitution of virtual wallets to be used from the beginning of the reservation (deposit) until check out (payment according to reservation routing) 

cashinn  control

This module allows the control of all payments in real time by reconciling the PMS payments amounts and the terminal transactions and allows the integration of all postings in the accounting system by accounting/analytical code


Reporting tool to analyze the booking pickup, budget monitoring but also sales, marketing and financial performance. The module create, through artificial intelligence models, forecasts and alerts to optimize the performance of all offers and marketing actions per customer.

 Connect your hotel systems with our open connectinn technology 

Our cloud based solution uses a realtime open connectinn  module to share data with your hotel systems like the PMS, POS, website, wifi, channel manager, domotic etc... Additionally, the connectinn module collects data from any external hotel systems like TrustYou, OTAinsight , Google analytics, OPenweathermap, Peopledatalab, ...

Last but not least, the connectinn gateway proposes a seamlessly interface for all psp providers  like Ingenico, Paybox, Stripe, Ayden, Switch. to process your digital payments with maximum level of security.

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